Invest in the booming marked of passenger transportation!

Up to 30% per year profit!
Passive income without any operational involvement!
About us
8 years
of success and confidence
2 bil tg.
200 investors
of assets entrusted to us
getting a steady passive income
My taxi is a management company working in the sphere of passenger transportation, notable for its stable growth and upwards dynamic.
How we work
How we work
Fully manages, controls and troubleshoots the car working
My taxi
Investor receives a monthly payment
Retun of investments
After three years, management company buys the car from investor
Puts in a car or money, getting a passive income in return
Profit calculation
Profit calculation
Cars we accept
per year
profit per year, tg
3 000 000
per year
profit per year, tg
3 000 000
per year
per year
profit per year, tg
profit per year, tg
4 650 000
3 300 000
Duration of contract
from 1 000 000 tg to 10 000 000 tg
Investment amount:
Yearly profit
12 mo.
24 mo.
6 mo.
We also accept other models, but in this case the terms and conditions are discussed separately, on a case to case basis
Your investments are protected
Your investments
are protected
All money assets you invest are directed to purchasing the car, which goes in your name for all the duration of contract
Company signs a legally binding contract with you
Car is being tracked 24/7 through GPS system which is availible to investor as well. Our own car maintainance mechanic squad perm
CASCO and OGPO insurance are being bought for every car for the duration of contract
After the contract time is up, investor can either take the car back to sell it for market price or let the company to buy it off
Property protection
Legal protection
Money return guaranteed
Chief Executive Officer
Erlan Imbergenov
A lifelong enterpreneur, constantly on the lookout for new horizons. After getting an invaluable experience in finance sector, her set off to business in 2012. Coffee chain "Kofe s soboy" was the first to bring the culture of coffee on the go to Kazakhstan, and it became apparent that a great profit is to be had when one guesses the trend right.
Our founder
We forge the resources of investors, the workforce of the drivers and the demand of passengers into one, united business machine
Our Photogallery
Our Photogallery
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Regional branches:
Embark to the future of passenger transportation!
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Astana
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