Chief Executive Officer
Erlan Imbergenov
A lifelong enterpreneur, constantly on the lookout for new horizons. After getting an invaluable experience in finance sector, her set off to business in 2012. Coffee chain "Kofe s soboy" was the first to bring the culture of coffee on the go to Kazakhstan, and it became apparent that a great profit is to be had when one guesses the trend right.
Later Erlan tried many more endeavours, be it children shoes, medtech or affordable meals. Thise project gave him profits but were far from cutting edge, so, when in 2016 taxi aggregators started to probe the new market of Kazakhstan, Erlan jumped the opportunity. He founded a taxi depo strictly oriented on working with aggregators. That new project went on to grow into My taxi company.
Working on the brand, devoting a hard labour and personal savings to it, Erlan thoroughly studied thу business process of the sphere, swiftly understanding the utmost importance of being flexible. When COVID decimated the taxi sphere, Erlan was able to temporarily reinvent his business as a courier service, which is still being a component of our business.
But his main takeaway from pandemic crisis was that a small private taxi service has no future. Its assets are limited by the founders capital, and, therefore, its growth limit is pretty low. So, Erlan figured out he can connect car renting drivers with private investors with cars to rent.
Alas, that's how My taxi became what it is today - first ever auto management company in Kazakhstan, the go-to investment tool for small-scale investor, a trustworthy partner for the driver and a brand that unites many different businesses.
For now, Erlan is, as always, in search for new perspectives, seamlessly weaving them with existing ones, using the ever-increasing invested funds to ensure a steady growth of the old projects, and taking aboard new eager partners.
Because there are no limits.
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